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Upcoming Events

An important workshop for families, students, children, and members of all houses of worship. If your organization would like to attend, please message us so we can make arrangements ahead of time.

This program is dedicated to helping each and every one of us develop a greater appreciation for our prayers, and to increase its quality through enhancing our concentration, humility, and attentiveness. This course is taught by Dr. Farhan Abdul Azeez

suggested donation is $20.00

Please register online: Please click here

November 10th 2017 – Journeying through Hindustan

Golden Age Youth presents, Our Father: The Story of Adam AS

Renavigating Surah Al-Fateha

Give Blood

Fight the New Drug

November 10th 2017 – Journeying through Hindustan

Potluck Picnic in the Park

Evening Quran Classes